Our History

Established and based in Islamic Republic of Iran, NedayeOmid is the well-known nationwide manufacturer and provider of high quality products, equipment and services for renal cares. Our factory has been established in the “Shargh Industrial Complex”, located at the vicinity of Semnan which is 210 km away from Tehran, eastward. NedayeOmid factory benefits from 22 years of experience in developing and producing of devices pertaining to hemodialysis as well as the installation and servicing for renal units.

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Our Services

NedayeOmid offers a wide range of competencies within the dialysis-related frameworks, with the particular emphasis upon the quality and considerable flexibility needed to adapt to the specific requirements and prerequisites, as evidenced by the following key features:

  • Dialyzer line portfolio among the largest and most versatile in the industry
  • New generation of premium dialysis machine with cutting edge functions
  • Capability to conceive, install dialysis center on a turn-key basis
  • Strategic partner for establishment of new manufacturing line for dialysis products

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Board of directors


Member of the Bord|Production Deputy
Email : m.shiravand@nedayeomid.co


S.R Razavirad
Founder | CEO | Chaiman of the Borad
Email : s.r.razavi@nedayeomid.com

Mahdi Black and white

S.M.Mahdi Razavirad
Vice Chairman of the Board|Commercial Manager
Email : m.razavirad@nedayeomid.com


Our Team

  • تصویر شماره یک


    Quality Control Manger

  • تصویر شماره دو


    Quality Control Manger

  • تصویر شماره سه


    Production Manager

  • تصویر شماره چهار


    Production Manger

  • تصویر شماره پنج


    Administration Manger

  • تصویر شماره شش


    Nedayeomid Clinic Director

  • تصویر شماره هفت


    Legal Consultant

Our Capabilities

Dialyzer line portfolio

NEDAYE OMID offers a wide range of competencies within the dialysis-related framework, with the particular emphasis upon qulity and considereble flexibility needed to adapt to specific requirements and prerequisites.

What we produce

We are the main producer of superior quality disposable medical products specifically in the field of renal care developed for the hemodialysis patients. It is worth indicating that our products include:

  • Different sizes of low/high flux dialyzers
  • Blood lines
  • Fistula needles
  • Bi-Carbonate Powder
  • Dialysis solution
  • Premium dialysis machines
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Our Missions

  • Assuming medical care responsibilities aimed at creating a future worth living for renal patients
  • Supporting prevention and show down the progression of CKD
  • Providing the renal patients with an enhanced care in accordance with the national and international strict guidelines
  • Fostering close and transparent cooperation among nephrologists, hospitals, general practitioners (GPs), suppliers of medical care and patients
  • Helping patients suffering CKD to have a perfect vision for a better future

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Our Factory


Our clinic

Our primary goal is to perceive, initiate and provide comprehensive patient care. We serve society by providing care for patients with End-Stage Renal Disease. Our goal is complete patient rehabilitation

The patient deserves the highest standard of care possible regardless of race, status or creed. The application of comprehensive care is on a personal level. We become acquainted with our patient as a person and seek to understand his/her problems and needs- physical, emotional, spiritual and social.

We endorse the patient’s right to choose the facility and the mode in which the patient’s ESRD should be treated, i.e., dialysis or transplant.

We are a service organization. The care of the patient is our reason for existence.

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